Severn side

15,22 May 2016- Severn Estuary

Me, PG, KateForceOne, Magic Dave and the (now inappropriately named) Boy

IMG_0053Two small Sunday trips that really stretch the definition of ‘walking’… the first to Berkeley, there to enjoy the pleasingly rabbit-warren-like castle and lovely grounds where we picnic’d, and a stroll around the town. Seeing the tomb of England’s last court jester in the churchyard a particular highlight. Must return to explore Dr Jenner’s House.


IMG_0068Then a trip to the opposite side of the estuary to see what Lydney had to offer. Completely difference experience, united only by the view of the Severn and the lack of actual walking. Lydney a combination of great scenery, interesting industrial history, and a funny little town. All these things overtaken by the discovery of the Dean Forest Railway. So exciting Magic Dave actually broke into a run at one point. And then we spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in a train, often not moving at all.

Great to think that after all these years, there are still new places to visit, new views of the mighty Severn to understand….