24 April 2014- Hanham

Me, PG, Mother-of-Two, Slide, Two and the H’s

IMG_0015A walk to enjoy the bluebells, many other delights encountered too. Me n PG a bit chaotic but made it to the rendezvous point only a little bit late. We parked in Hanham and headed through the woodlands above the River Avon in a downstream direction. Fascinating landscape of quarries and streams, with carpets of bluebells, anemones and small yellow flowers (whatever they were). Utterly lovely. Then we reached the river and walked back downstream in the sunshine.


IMG_0016We stopped for quite sometime to watch the heronry on the other side of the river (Eastwood Farm Nature Reserve I think). Never seen- or heard- anything like it. So many birds nesting, squawking and flapping around over the river, incredibly prehistoric and otherworldly somehow. Marvellous. Then it was under the ring-road and on to the Old Lock and Weir for refreshment. We watched a solitary heron standing statue-still on the weir and as always wondered what it was thinking… I am heron. What is heron? Heronry: is it what herons do? Where are the fish?