Gone Fishin’

23 August 2015- Easton to Oldbury Court

Me n Paddy Garcia

Impromptu walk- not sure how long but it took three hours- inspired by extreme downpours and the search for new fishing spots. We knew we’d get wet, and we did…

IMG_2804Followed PG’s walk to work out through Easton and Eastville Park, around the boating lake. Then departed from his usual walk to continue on through Snuff Mills on the Grove Wood side, before dropping down to walk along the river through the Oldbury Court estate. How beautiful it is, ashamed I’ve never been there before.


We turned round at Frenchay and headed back along Repton’s Drive to the playground/ house site for a cup of tea, before following the river back, crossing over through Snuff Mills itself and back home.

IMG_2806River was in full spate- levels high, weirs with impressive flow, roaring water, not a trout to be seen, but PG felt the potential. Really lush dripping greenery, lots of wet dogs, and learnt good things about the history- Humphrey Repton (explains the well-organised paths and steps), mansion sadly vanished, long-gone mills with special boilers. Saw the local heron and wondered what it was thinking…





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