Time past

photoWhat a very long time since I’ve posted a blog. Could be laziness- a few strolls have gone unrecorded. But could be hard work- not much walking has been accomplished really, because of time spent at the allotment. So possibly the walk I’ve done most is the one from our house to the allotment and back. Not such a bad one, and the rewards are good.

photo(4)Otherwise, what sticks in the memory is a lovely amble along a river on Exmoor (June), whilst on a fortieth-celebration camping trip. Very low mileage to time ratio as many trout to stalk. Utterly beautiful secret valley…

photo(1)June saw the mighty feat that was Team Bongo (Madam Citron and Mr P) complete the entire Cornish coastal path. Such an achievement. PG and I headed down to the border to watch them finish, and managed some extremely tiny but very interesting strolls around Rame Head, where we camped. Plymouth as a great seaport really makes sense from across the water, the headland is full of fascinating old military stuffs, fine medieval church, and we enjoyed the twin villages of Kingsand and Cawsand. Easy to imagine smuggling in days of old, just out of sight of the navy round the headland. photo(5)


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