Whole trees in motion

Sunday 29th March 2015- Bath Skyline

Me, Paddy Garcia, Kate Force One and the DJ

IMG_2371It was windy. That’s probably all that needs saying about this 6 mile walk, as it was defined from start to finish by strong winds. Umbrella use would have been difficult, twigs were broken, branches had fallen and construction signs were flattened: consultation with the Beaufort Scale informed us that this meant we were experiencing gale force conditions.

In some ways, it wasn’t an ideal day for this walk above Bath, being misty and grey, and heavy wet in places. But it was utterly invigorating and thrilling being high up and amongst trees in such windy conditions. And possibly not that wise. The DJ nearly got taken out by a falling branch, and PG had to make a long range emergency dash at one point to recover his hat. Lunch involved a dousing with coffee blown out of the cup. At times the wind was too noisy to hear each other speak, and although it feels strange to write it, the trees really were roaring. Enormous awe-inspiring sound.

IMG_2369Aside from the weather conditions, there was much interesting woodland, with livid green mosses and lichens, it felt as if hobbits or elves might appear at any moment. What actually appeared was a motley crew of role-playing players. Suits of armour, steam-punks, the odd goth and some cavaliers. Locked in not-entirely-epic battle on the edge of a golf course. We wondered if real orcs in combat need health and safety attendants.

The views over Bath were not as frequent the name of the walk might imply, but good when they came. Overall it felt like an easy 6 miles, well-signed by the National Trust.

Thoroughly ruffled, we headed down from the windy heights into Bath for a drink at the Boater, before a train home for a quick follow up in the Barleymow.





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