Beasts of the Chase

7-8 February 2015- Brockenhurst, Hampshire

Me, Paddy Garcia, Jim the Alien, Big O and the Doctors

LIMG_2084ovely weekend in the New Forest with old friends, two short but interesting walks.

On Saturday, we took a dog-walk through the Forest, rambling through ancient woodland and over the vast heath. Such an alien and utterly beautiful landscape, nothing but wildness and scrub right to the horizon. It really doesn’t strike your eye quite like anywhere else. Plenty of gorse and heather to wade/ rugby tackle through, and boggy landscapes with small pools, heavily iced over. Enjoyed (as I’m currently reading about the Normans), imagining William the Conqueror hunting in the vicinity.

IMG_2079Our destination was the valley bottom, to visit the spot where Big O and Jim the Alien had previously noticed a mystery ferrous object. We examined the context, squidged the mud, discussed the possible geology and history of the spot*, and concluded that some mystery ferrous objects are destined to remain a mystery. Unlikely to have fallen from William the Conqueror’s horse though we think.


IMG_2101Sunday was a trip to the beach at Barton, for a swim in the sea (dog) and icecream (me n’ Jim). Absolutely stunning weather, the Solent flat calm, the sun dazzling, and hazy views to the Needles. Stopped on the way back to watch Big O playing rugby.


Fun weekend, with truly gorgeous weather, plenty of Bananagrams**, super-cute animals, good catching up and tasty Sunday lunch. Me n’ PG drove home accompanied by a beautiful sunset over the Wylye Valley, and noted to selves to return to Coombe Bissett and Limpley Stoke for walks sometime.


* Perhaps discussed our lack of knowledge on the subject would be more accurate. So much Forest, so much to learn…

** In which we proved that there are enough letters to make antidisestablishmentarianism, quantification and exploration all at the same time.


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