One Year On

Sunday 4th January 2015- Norton St Philip

Me, Paddy Garcia, Kate Force One, Magic Dave, Madam Citron, Mr P and the DJ

IMG_1980Pretty much an exact year since I started this blog, and a return to the geographical beginning (First Foot). We headed out for a 4.5 miler around Norton St Philip, taken from Nigel Vile’s book.

A misty, moisty, damp kind of day; fortunately the walk didn’t rely on great views, as we wouldn’t have been able to see them!


IMG_1984Rather it was pleasant country lanes and big hedges and climbs up and down muddy fields. We met some interesting-looking chickens, many a dog trailing an owner, and generally felt the New Year well walked in.

Retired to the George at Norton St Philip for Sunday lunch, which continues to be a very special place.


Have enjoyed a year of writing a blog, it amuses no one but myself, but it does amuse me. Walking in places you enjoy with people you enjoy is one of life’s great pleasures, I enjoy capturing the memories. Think I should invest in a camera, possibly, and take more photos of buildings, definitely. Interesting historic buildings really make a walk for me, and yet I realise I hardly ever take photos of them!



1 thought on “One Year On

  1. It greatly amuses me too, and Bet and my mum who both think it should be publicised further! Armchair ramblers everywhere should enjoy our mishaps and meanderings.

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