Adventures under tarp

Tuesday 19th- Saturday 23rd August 2014- Watermouth (again)

Me, Kate Force One, Magic Dave, Mother-of-Two (+Slide +Two) and the Faringdon Archaeologists (x4).

We find ourselves staying at Watermouth again (see Freedom), this time for the annual camping trip*.

P1000426A few lovely days packed with good things, including in no particular order: Verity, Arlington Court- home of the particularly interesting National Carriage Museum which made us wish for a revival of horse drawn transport-, sandy beaches, swimming in the sea, rubber ring, sitting by the fire, proper conversation, hanging out with marine life (the kids), eating fish n chips in the car in the rain, Predator top trumps (harder to lose than you might think). And last, but not least, ongoing tarpaulin maintenance. In the end, we went Bedouin-style and parked a car on it to keep it put. Yet again we learnt that staying up ‘an extra half hour’ and drinking neat gin is not a good idea.

Culinary highlights were several- for the kids, hotly-anticipated blueberry pancakes (courtesy of Harvey Nicks and Kate Force One) nearly caused a riot; for the grown ups, the extraordinary last-night combination of pan-fried chorizo and vegetables, barbecued tuna steaks and california sushi rolls (crafted by Magic Dave on site), followed by supernoodles (me). Noone can say we aim for the obvious with our camping fare. Special mention for the hot chocolate at Damien Hirst’s cafe in Ilfracombe, and the s’mores. Definitely a marshmallow holiday.

P1000436Me, Kate Force One and Magic Dave achieved a small walk, from the campsite at Watermouth east along the SW coast path to Combe Martin and then beyond to Hangman’s Hill. Very steep in places, it was definitely a challenge to the legs, but worth it for the amazing views over the Bristol Channel… and the ice cream in Combe Martin and the baked potato on the Sandy Cove Hotel terrace (do we never stop eating?). And for Magic Dave’s go pro action, hopefully to be posted here shortly.

The low point, if there was one, was the chill in the air and the sometimes heavy rain. Autumn truly has arrived. Warm dry beds appreciated on return**.

P1000455*The orange tent still going strong, if a little less orange than it used to be, and held together with a smattering of rubber bands.

**I returned via the lovely peeps at Trevone, and a extremely fine lunch at the Drewe Arms, Drewsteignton.



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