Let us meet together

Sunday 27th July 2014- Blaise Castle

Me, Paddy Garcia, Burge, the DJ, Kate Force One, Magic Dave, Mr P and Madame Citron

IMG_1344Six miler from Geoff’s second book, remarkably not completed before. It was, even by Geoff standards, an ambiguous start from the carpark at Blaise, but after a certain amount of milling, we were off through Echo Gate and heading west through the woods and across the hillfort.

We crossed the small footbridge over the main road into the Kings Weston estate. After a quick stop at the grotto to channel some classical deities, we walked along the terrace (past the wartime urinals) and along the rides to admire the view of Kings Weston house in the distance.

IMG_1355The route then cut south towards the Avon. After passing a deserted cricket pitch, we arrived at a second where a Ladies County Cricket game was underway (Cornwall v Shropshire), so we stopped for lunch. Many chicken legs, seaweed snacks, watermelon and a frankly too-bottomless tub of bombay mix. Couple of sporting faux pas (walking in front of the sight screen, kicking over the boundary flags) and we were off.

A swift change of sport took us along the edge of Shirehampton Park golf course (‘Caution, Poison! Do not lick the balls!’) and another sporting faux pas (picking up the balls- no licking- and chucking them around). Spectacular views down over the Avon towards Pill. It might be slimy but the river bend looked lush and interesting in the sun.

IMG_1358Bit of hairy crossing of the A4 into a field with crazy cricket action (the small green noisy things, not the sport), then a descent through woods to cross under the railway, and wade through long grass alongside the Avon. Close up view of the slime.

We turned up into Sea Mills along the Trym, up a small green corridor through the suburban landscape* (slight aroma of sewage from the water) and then back through the woods of the Blaise estate to the cars.
Extremely fine icecream at the cafe before going our separate ways.

Not a bad Sunday stroll, pleasingly green although still very urban, with lashings of Englishness.

* Some dissent over stopping/ not stopping at pub here for cider. We didn’t.






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