Westward Ho!

Saturday 22 March 2014- Blegberry- Clovelly, Hartland Peninsula

Me, Paddy Garcia, Kate Force One, Magic Dave, Burge, the DJ, Mother of Two, Kt and Little Miss R

A weekend in Devon to celebrate Kate Force One’s 40th. The mission for Saturday was to walk to Clovelly, 8-ish miles along the SW coastal path from Puffin House at Blegberry where we were staying. A simple idea, but let’s just say we may be old enough to form a fiendishly complex one-way-walk, three-car-drop-off, multiple-personnel plan (including shopping trip), but still not old enough to execute it efficiently. Cue four hours of spiralling disorganisation- which included leaving three pairs of walking boots locked in the car at the end of the walk and having to go back for them.


BlackChurch Rock

After a hearty breakfast of blueberry pancakes (by now lunchtime), Team A set off on foot from Blegberry to join the coastal path; Team B assembled a bit later, drove to East Titchberry and joined the path there. The views spectacular, the weather beautiful- cold and windy but largely sunny. The first section was easy going, with tougher ups and downs from Windbury Point along to Mouth Mill. Homemade ham sandwiches and tortilla for lunch (by now teatime) halfway. Interesting limekilns and huge pebbles at Mouth Mill, and orchids. By the final stretch through the deer park into Clovelly, it felt like a long walk, but spirits were still high.

P1000297Arriving late (by now 5:30pm) in Clovelly was good. We admired the super-steep cobbled streets and whitewashed cottages and enjoyed a drink (chocolate icecream for Little Miss R) in the pub. The village was very quiet and the air felt magically still after the exposed coastal walk. We creaked up the final steps to the carpark as it went dark.

Overall, a mighty effort and a grand day out, with good company and plenty of opportunity for relishing our own haplessness. Special mention for Little Miss R who outwalked us all. The day ended in the same comedy fashion it began, with Team A returning to Puffin House first, but without door keys to let themselves in. Hey ho.






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